What Ever Happened to Danica McKellar, Winnie Cooper

Danica McKellar, AKA Winnie Cooper, was famous for her role on The Wonder Years. But where has she been since then? Well, she did do a little acting as an adult. More intersting though, she got a degree in math from UCLA, and has since written several books on the subject: McKellar, Danica; Mary Lynn Blasutta (2008). Math Doesn't Suck: How to Survive Middle School Math without Losing Your Mind or Breaking a Nail

McKellar, Danica (2009). Kiss My Math: Showing Pre-Algebra Who's Boss

McKellar, Danica (2010). Hot X: Algebra Exposed

McKellar, Danica (2012). Girls Get Curves: Geometry Takes Shape

As for acting as an adult, McKellar has admitted the transition from "child actor to adult actor was a little bumpy." Since leaving The Wonder Years, McKellar has had several guest roles in television series (including one with former co-star Fred Savage on Working), and has written and directed two short films. She appeared in two Lifetime TV movies, she briefly returned to regular television with a recurring role in the 2002–03 season of The West Wing.

McKellar appeared in lingerie in the July 2005 edition of Stuff magazine after readers voted her the 1990's star they would most like to see in lingerie. McKellar explained that she agreed to the shoot in part to obtain "grittier roles."

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In her personal life, she married composer Mike Verta on March 22, 2009, in La Jolla, California; the couple had dated since 2001. They had their first child, a son named Draco, in 2010, McKellar filed for divorce from Verta in June 2012, with the dissolution becoming final in February 2013. On July 16, 2014, she got engaged to her boyfriend Scott Sveslosky, a partner in the Los Angeles legal firm Sheppard Mullin Richter and Hampton.